Was zählt, ist metaharmonisches, panrhythmisches Miteinander, das scheinbar unverknüpft nebeneinander agierende Impulse zu einem musikalischen Ganzen verbindet. Damit liegen die Stücke nahe an der Grenze zur Neuen Musik, verweigern sich der Gefälligkeit und schaffen es zugleich, fluid und herausfordernd zu wirken. ,,Reboot" hat die Kraft, trotz Tendenz zur gestalterischen Abstraktion sehr konkret zu klingen. 

Ralf Dombrowski, Jazzthing


"Monosuite" - that's what this fascinating work with its sparkling, shimmering sounds is called - contains music that bursts out in a powerful, clear tonal stream. The listener is immediately pulled into a maelstrom of undiscovered beauty. This is a stunning composition for a 22-piece string orchestra and four masterful jazz soloists. These great musicians interact with the Sequenza String Orchestra in lively, elastic, and amazingly organic piece of jazz artistry - inspired music played with creative discipline. Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality)
Arnaldo DeSouteiro / Jazz Station

"Weave" comes off like the illegitimate musical child of film composer Thomas Newman, the legendary Igor Stravinsky, minimalist icon John Adams …  Friedrich creates freedom within order throughout this ambitious suite and he never simply uses the strings as window dressing … a fascinating listen from beginning to end.
Dan Bilawsky / allaboutjazz

Jürgen Friedrich has delivered us an early masterpiece with his youngest trio album Pollock.
Rainer Beßling

This trio is one of the most dangerously empathetic ensembles working today. One part Bill Evans mixed with one part Myra Melford plus three parts individualism. A truly great recording.
Thomas R. Erdmann / Jazzpreview.com

One will not only hear more from this pianist. One wants to hear more. Absolutely.

Rheinischer Merkur

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